What makes Prédom different from "personality tests"?

Prédom is concerned only with how we function. It provides a means for improving:

– the way we manage

– the way we communicate

– the efficiency of our teams

Thus, it is the ideal tool for coaches, instructors, and recruiters because it accurately identifies how we function as individuals.

Consequently, it can be used to optimize our understanding of ourselves as well as of how individuals function collectively.

Comment Prédom traduit notre rapport au temps
30 April

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29 April

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3 Principles

The how is more important than the who : why?

Prédom clearly and accurately deciphers how we function.

Why does Prédom focus only on our way of doing things (the how), and not on our personality (the who)?

  • Because it is much easier to modify how we do things than to change our fundamental selves.
  • It is how we function that is of concern to our employer or organization, not our personality.
  • It is simpler to evaluate the behavior of an individual than his/her mindset.

To know where one is going, it is necessary to know where one is now.

Prédom is a GPS that orients our actions towards achievement through:

  • Career orientation, accompaniment, and recruitment
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Teamwork
  • The training of potential instructors

A diagnostic tool, yes, but also a solution !

The Prédom approach is informative and, above all, concrete. It proposes both groups and individuals with clear proposals for evolution. It improves how individuals conduct themselves in a work setting.

Prédom uses simple language that is free of jargon.

It is also a source for dialogue in the context of an individual interview. It supplies pertinent clarification to the process of accompanying and recruitment. Prédom accompanies trainers with analytical and operational tools, tools which define specific language, argumentation, applicable managerial style, as well as methods for learning.

2 compasses

The personal profile:
8 qualificators for how we approach things on a daily basis.

The Prédom model situates us among 8 fundamental behavioral approaches:
What, how much, how, where, for whom, towards what, and why.

Our response to these queries provides information regarding how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. The Prédom questionnaire evaluates how we use each of the 8 strategies. It determines a unique profile for each individual that describes his/her preferences rather than his/her competencies.

The profile of the team:
All that is needed is to make the differences among individuals complementary.

Because the team profile is the sum of individual profiles, knowing the profile of each individual member makes it possible to immediately:

Situate an individual on the team so that he/she is better understood by the other members of the team and can better communicate with them,
Define the role of each individual member so that the team functions smoothly as a whole,
Explain to the team how it is perceived both inside and outside of the enterprise

30 April 2021

Comment Prédom traduit notre rapport au temps

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29 April 2021

Penser ou réfléchir : choisissez votre camp… ou non

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21 April 2021


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